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soft tailoring

Despite not being so dominant as it was decades ago, men’s tailoring remains an inherently important part of menswear and continues to evolve. The cloths used nowadays are more refined and lighter-weight cloths have become favoured, particularly with our climate warming. Shoulder pads have decreased in their size and in some cases removed completely, and the concept of the ‘unlined jacket’ has been understood and appreciated. When it comes to high quality made-to-measure tailoring with a quick turnaround, in our opinion, Italy is the only country of manufacture to consider.

All our garments are made in Italy by Lubiam, founded by Luigi Bianchi of Mantova in 1911, and one of the founding fathers of Italian sartorial tailoring, developing the mass production of suits based on the ethics of bespoke tailoring, traditionally solely the province of Saville Row and Via San Babila in Milan.

Since its foundation Lubiam has not remained steeped in its own traditions, but has continually updated itself, the marriage of sartorial tradition and the latest processes in manufacturing and exquisite fabrics.

Having in the beginning based the development of the high quality readymade garment on the traditional methods of the bespoke tailor, Luigi Bianchi Mantova Made-to-Measure provides the wearer with a garment of the highest level of tailoring created by the best of modern manufacturing, whilst retaining the identity of sartorial elegance.

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